NBIMS-US™ 2021 Vision Task Force

In early 2013, buildingSMART alliance® formed the NBIMS-US 2021 Vision Task Force (VTF) to focus on defining, predicting, forecasting, and in some cases guessing at what the future of the building industry might hold, and therefore what NBIMS-US™ needs to look like to support that future. This is a highly strategic effort that will form the basis of a larger effort aimed at developing a comprehensive roadmap for the entire capital facility industry. The importance of these efforts cannot be understated in any context.

The initial effort of the VTF was to request subject matter experts from every corner of our industry to provide short essays about the nature of their role, profession, or industry as it will be in 8-10 years.

We collected close to 40 of these essays (a sampling of which are below), and also spent considerable time researching other references to the future of our industry (conferences, seminars, writings, etc). We then wove all this knowledge together to create a compelling, and tangible vision of how a construction project may be built in the future, including the technologies and processes that would be in common use.

We have produced this vision in two very different and entertaining styles. Choose your preferred style, download and read it now to understand what the future of construction might, just might, look like. Both stories center on construction of a six-story children's medical care facility that opened on May 22, 2021.

Developed by the NBIMS-US 2021 Vision Task Force.


Below are some of the essays submitted for the NBIMS-US 2021 Vision Task Force effort. These essays are mostly unedited and unformatted originals of essays submitted by various subject matter experts that went to form the overall vision represented in the publications above. All are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.  Adobe Acrobat PDF

Author / Publication Company / Organization Area / Title  
Connor Christian Kiewit Construction View/Download
Connor Christian McCarthy Builders Construction View/Download
Kevin Connolly American Institute of Architects The State of Profession: A Report from
The American Institute of Architects
Birgitta Foster ACAI Associates Facilities Lifecycle Management and Operations View/Download
Tom Gay FM Global Real Property & Development and Insurance View/Download
John Grady CRB Construction View/Download
John Hale buildingSMART Canada Facilities Lifecycle Management and Operations View/Download
Chris Moor American Institute of Steel Construction Structural Steel Industry View/Download
Jeff Ouellette Nemetschek Vectorworks BIM Integration View/Download
Allan Partridge CanBIM Architecture View/Download
Allan Partridge Next Architecture Architecture View/Download
Greg Schleusner HOK Architecture View/Download
Dana 'Deke' Smith National Institute of Building Sciences Standards View/Download
Jim Whittaker and Angela Lewis, Facility Engineering Associates Facility Management: What the Future May Hold View/Download


Special thanks to the sponsors below for their contributions to the 2021 Vision Task Force.

Vision Task Force Members

The task force was in place for a period of one year starting January 2013, and reporting to the Building Innovation conference a year later in January 2014.

Name Organization Role
Connor Christian Kiewit Corporation SPS Chair/PC Secretary/PLC
Kevin Connolly Connolly Architects Member
Birgitta Foster ACAI Technologies Member
Tom Gay FM Global Member
John Hale National Defense Canada Member
Dennis Hall Hall Architects Member
Angela Lewis Facility Engineering Associates, PC Member
Chris Moor American Institute of Steel Construction PC Chair/PLC
Jeffrey Ouellette Nemetschek Vectorworks MES Chair/PC Vice Chair/PLC
Allan Partridge Canadian BIM Council Member
Tom Soles SMACNA Member
Dominique Fernandez National Institute of Building Sciences Staff
Deke Smith National Institute of Building Sciences Staff